4 Effective Ways To Use Puff Embroidery For Your Restaurant Apparel

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There are many design elements applied to embroidered products that make them stand out, pop, and work to showcase your restaurant business. One of these elements is puff embroidery. This process uses a foam layer underneath the thread to give sections of the embroidery a 3D effect. Applying a puff effect to embroidery is not just something you can add to any type of logo or text. To have the most effective look, the design should be properly planned out with several elements in mind. By using the following four tips, you can create a puff embroidery design that will really help your business stand out on a number of apparel products and accessories.

Puff Logo Designs

The use of a puff logo works most effectively when it is applied to a single color. Small splashes of color do not have enough thread to properly support the push and wear that comes with the force of a puff logo. Adapting your logo design to feature a single color will help the thread stay in place longer. For example, if you own a pizza restaurant, a puffed cheese pizza logo will work more effectively than a pizza logo that features pepperoni.

Examples of solid logos that would work well for a puff design include a coffee mug for a cafe, a red lobster for a seafood restaurant, and a chicken drumstick for a fried chicken restaurant. The puffed out logo will stand out on employee uniforms and hats.

Text Effects

Instead of featuring the puff design on the logo, you can use it on text effects. The puff design will put extra emphasis on text and can really make apparel pop on your design. Choosing the text you want to add the puff to will make a big difference in the final design. One way to use the puff design is with a single large initial. For example, if your restaurant name is "Papa's Pizza" then you can feature a large puff "P" initial on pieces of apparel.

If you're looking to showcase the full restaurant name, then you can use the puff design to emphasis specific elements. In the same example, your full restaurant name may be "Papa's Pizza Restaurant & Pub, est. 1980." The "Papa's Pizza" part of the text can be featured in puff style while the rest sits as a flat embroidery. The different textures can really make the design elements stand out.

Hat Designs

One of the more effective pieces of apparel to use a puff design on is a hat. It can really draw attention to the embroidery details and works great as a part of the restaurant uniform. Along with placing puff embroidery on the front panel, extra designs can be placed on the back panel, too. This is an ideal spot for a miniature version of the logo.

When choosing colors for the hat embroidery, you want to select contrasting base and embroidered colors. This will help the puff logo pop out more and add to the 3D effect. Another way to help the puff stand out more is by adding a flat embroidered stroke. This is an outside edge that will go around the puffed out area. It is typically set in black or white to give a great look to the apparel design.

Puff Design Elements

Instead of using a puff design on text or logos, you can apply to different accents on your restaurant apparel. For example, if you add a puffed edge around your restaurant name, you have the ability to draw viewers right to the name as the raised edges help create a natural focal point. The same process can work for other design elements like underlines, fancy lines, or special characters like exclamation points and dollar symbols.

Communicate with a embroidery design company to plan out the most effective puff design. Technology is always improving, allowing you to create all types of designs for your restaurant.